VPN to Windows Server via PPTP

by kiawin

Yes, I need to VPN at times to work remotely. This pose a challenge as I no longer uses Windows.

The issue turn out to be a no brainer as minimal settings need to be configure to connect Ubuntu to Windows VPN Server.

1. Click the NetworkManager Applet
2. VPN Connection -> Configure VPN -> -> Add
3. Choose -> Create
4. Fill out those neccessary informations and click Advanced
5. In Authentication section, CANCEL , , and , KEEP ONLY and SELECTED.
6. In Security and Compression section, SELECT , and choose Security to be
7. OK -> Accept -> Close
8. Now click the NetworkManager Applet
9/ Click VPN Connection and click the profile you just created.
10. Wait for few seconds till it get connected.

Credit to GeekyLog.

Just a note, some googled results gave wrong information on the configuration and will not connect. Beware :D