The Influential New Ledger

by kiawin

Interestingly our Malaysian Reuters – Bernama reported a very interesting piece of news via one influential American online news portal named “The New Ledger”.

Recently, Trevino Strategies and Media Inc president Joshua Trevino wrote on an influential United States online news portal, The New Ledger, that Anwar hired media contacts, particularly in CNN to apologise for his Jew-bashing. – via Malay Mail

I’m glad finally someone stood up and speak upon how evil Anwar Ibrahim was and is and will be. Hence I do our Bernama a favour (for free, in 1Malaysia spirit) to emphasize how influential is “The New Ledger”.

According to Alexa, good old web traffic/ranking provider:

The New Ledger is ranked at 251,016 worldwide, 90,954 US.

To show how influential it is, I benchmarked it with our notorious Malaysia Today online news portal run by the acclaimed fugitive RPK.

Malaysia Today is ranked at 10,326 worldwide, 57 MY.

Hmm… indeed influential hence a reliable source.