Nokia N900 (5): RMVB Video Support

by kiawin

One thing I do with my N900 is to watch Taiwan drama when I stucked in traffic.

N900 by default does not support rmvb, perhaps owing to Real’s licensing/copyright issue. Nevertheless, maemo community has provided a solution for us.

This round I will be guiding you through steps listed in text as I didn’t screenshot the entire installation process previously.

If you wish to see a pictorial guide, you may visit the following site (in Chinese)

Step 1

You need to first enable new repositories (if yet) from maemo community. Skip this step if you have already done so.

Read my past guide in adding the required repositories (

Step 2

Now you need to fire up your “Application Manager”. Select “Multimedia” and install the following packages:

  • Extra Decoders Support
  • MPlayer Movie Player (command-line only)
  • sib

A note, we chose sib instead of kmplayer as the MPlayer front-end because sib has an easy way to tune mplayer in playing smooth rmvb videos in your little N900.

Step 3

Beam up your sib, load a rmvb. You will most probably notice the laggy video and unsynchronized audio. Worry not, you just need to adjust its framedropping rate to make the movie vieawable.

Press “d” on your keyboard twice to ensure framedropping is set to “hard” and enjoy the video!


Some other shortcuts which I use and should be useful for you:

  • Pause the video – “spacebar”
  • Back to the Exposé Desktop – “ctrl-backspace”.

Aya… still stucked in traffic ;)