Nokia N900 (4): ZAGG Invisible Shield

by kiawin

Dog is man’s best friend, while ZAGG may be N900’s best friend :)

As my self-cut iphone screen protector seems to be unpleasant to eyes of many, I got myself a ZAGG Invisible Shield for N900 – that comes with both screen protector and full body skin/shield.

The interesting part of the ZAGG Invisible Shield is that they provide a lifetime warranty to their film product (actually, who uses a phone for lifetime? smart promo though).

The entire process of removal of the self-cut screen protector and the process of applying the new shield took me nearly an hour.

The tricky part is owing to the position of the shield, as it tend to be slightly off positioned easily due to its sticky residue.

In addition, the instruction didn’t explain the application of certain parts of the cut shield and requires your own discernment before apply it to your phone.

Tips tips…

Tips #1, you really need to moist the shield and your finger A LOT.

Tips #2, a thin plastic (I took the one from my self-cut screen protector) to adjust the shield.

Tips #3, consider off your phone as you do apply much moist unto the surface of your phone.

Tips #4, it’s perfectly normal for your screen to look moist with tiny bubbles after applying the shield. It might take a few days to make it away naturally.

Tips #5, consider to use a moist cloth to wipe your phone for the first few days as the applied shield does attract dust and fiber particle from your pocket, pouch etc.

Pictures pictures…


Useful micro fiber cloth,


The sponge(bob),









My 2 cents on the shield :)

I prefer ZAGG as it provides a more responsive touch as compare to the self-cut screen protector.

Secondly, the shiny shield does make the phone looks more attractive then before – subject to user preference though :)

Thirdly, it does not get scratched easily as my self-cut screen protector. The old screen protector was left with many tiny scratches on the surface after one week’s usage.