Nokia N900 (2): Accessories

by kiawin


Accessories for Nokia N900 from ZAGG and Momax

Zagg Invisible shield & momax products for N900

Instead of the self-custom made screen protector, a ZAGG full body protection (will blog on the installation perhaps soon after I’ve done with all exam script markings Read Here)

Zagg Invisible Shield for Nokia N900

Experience from my Samsung I780 (great phone! bad WinMo OS), a spare battery always save my day :)

Unsure how “X” is this Momax X-Level battery though as it is the same 1350mAh alike the original Nokia BL-5J.

Momax X-Level Battery for Nokia N900

Same, a spare charger ensure my phone is always ready to be charged ;)

Initial experience did show some electricity leakage though, will update.

Momax U.Charger for Nokia N900

Content of the Momax U.Charger

Content for Momax U.Charger

Indulgence = Holes in pocket