My reply on Rocky’s

by kiawin

Below is posted in Rocky‘s blog as a reply to KijangMas.

Dear KijangMas,

Let me quote something you’ve said in your article,

Quote KijangMas: The type that either refuse or unable to string a simple Bahasa Malaysia sentence? The type that would only use the Malay language, pidgin style, to reprimand their maids and gardeners and to cuss the traffic cop on the street after dishing out RM50 in order to cheat the nation of RM300?

My Malay might not be that good, though still conversational. I don’t have a maid or gardener at home – but I always appreciate all cleaning aunties at my workplace.

Just one thing I wish you (KijangMas) would know – I’m one of those Christians who honestly fork out hard-earned money to pay all our summons (no matter it is from PDRM or even our own beloved Majlis Perbandaran) without any regrets.

Yes, KijangMas, you may know a few bad apples out there that shamelessly bribes every law enforcers they met. But I know a few (if not a lot – being unnecessary skeptic) good apples that holds strong principles in their life NOT because they are Christians and hence they must be holy – but because they are Christians and they respect and adhere the Law (and authority) as we are willing to – as the bible teaches us so.

The issue of uproar of the ban “Allah” among East Malaysians (and also West Malaysians) are clear.

My personal view on the above matter, it is fair for Muslim community to show their concern in the usage of the word “Allah”. But pre-emptive the ban (by our beloved Ministry) without going through proper channel (by the Law, and hence the court) is just as improper as the bribery of law enforcer.

Unless, one deem bending the Law and perform a mockery on our nation’s beloved Constitution for this reason is justified.

Though I, a Christian, being labelled as a Language retard, zealots and other cynical labels you (KijangMas) has smacked on my and my beloved friends’ forehead – I’ve only one request for you (KijangMas).

I believe you have a better way to present your points. You might went through a rough day, you might need a good rest – but it does not mean you have a right in insulting us who are sincerely living our life as a loyal citizen of Malaysia – despite of our differences in our belief.

Yes, you are partially right about some of us who have lost our confidence in our judiciary system. However, I believe my fellow Malaysians who too have shown their similar distress on this issue through the “Walk of Justice” – where I strongly believe it is more than Christians who participated in that walk.

Yes, you may say the “language retard”, “bribery”, “judiciary”, “bumiputra” and few more things you’ve mentioned are just a tip of an iceberg – you are raising an issue that supercedes all the aforementioned. Then may I request, that you may present your point straightforward?

I would appreciate if you can make your point without making any assumption and generalization.


A Malaysian, who happens to be a Christian.

I also left a comment for “Garden” regarding his rational of the usage of Arabic Language in Bahasa Melayu.

Dear Garden,

Quote Garden: You really need to be consistent, if you wanna use Malay as the language for the bible, then please stick to the use of “Tuhan” because in Malay, Tuhan means God. If you wanna use the Arabic language, then please use Arabic in the whole text of the bible. So which one is it? Malay language? Arabic language? Or will it be “God” as in English? Or “Dios”? Please make up your mind la wei, don’t be cacamarba like our education system (PPSMI) la wei people.

Purely for academic reasoning, do you agree that once a foreign word is added into a language – that the word itself is part of that language?

For example, “Computer” in English is also known as “Komputer” in Bahasa Melayu. I would say that “Komputer” is orignated from English, but “Komputer” itself is still a Bahasa Melayu word.

Historically speaking, Bahasa Melayu has its roots and nature with massive infusion of Arabic, Persian and Hindi or Sanskrit vocabularies.

Of course, even English Language itself adapted many foreign vocabularies such as Norman French, Latin and even Greek.

We’ve been using the English word “me” as we converse daily in English. I’m quite sure no one would actually take the trouble to find out that the English word “me” actually is taken from the word “me” in Latin.

Being academically right, I would not claim I’m using a Latin in my daily conversation. Though I would admit that English word I used originated from Latin.

Coming back, I understand clearly that the word “Allah” in Bahasa Melayu is originated from Arabic Language.

However, I would have a bit of reservation in avoiding using the word “me” or “Allah” (in this case) based on your reasoning to Keith.

I understand the concern of Muslim Community of any usage of the word “Allah” in other religion/belief.

But being consistent, I would find it difficult to accept the rational of the banning of the word “Allah” because of not using Arabic word in Bahasa Melayu.

Side talk a bit, as mentioned in my previous comment to KijangMas, I also find it difficult to comprehend if we resort to bypass proper (legal) channel in the banning decision – in upholding our beloved Rukun Negara, especially on “Keluhuran Perlembagaan” – which (ironically ) suggested by William Lim in his last paragraph of sharing.

kiawin, again

Another one to Hansac, but lazy to paste here anymore. Nites!