Early CNY Gift (1)

by kiawin

An early Chinese New Year gift, and I assure you I’ll use it to the fullest extend ;)

If you’ve been following closely with my life, you would notice I’ve changed (Though I disagree) – I’ve been getting lots of thing for myself lately.

It started off with my early Christmas gift, and now Chinese New Year :)

To put it in a courteous manner, all these things serve as a compensation for myself which, I long deserved, and which I’ve deprived of myself so much owing to some oblivious reason.

No worries, I’m ain’t a crazy shopaholic. I’m just an ordinary guy, still the same old Sian Lerk :) Though I wouldn’t deny, I doubt I’ll be ever be again the person I was in the past two years. At the least, not now, and I hope, never.

[Me & LX-3]

Now what’s left is a fitting Ricoh LC-1 lens cap, Nikon BS-1 hotshoe cover, Lenspen miniPro II, and Gorillapod!! Yippe!! ;)