Love: A Mere Memory

by kiawin

(taken from desiringGod)

Devotion for today is taken from “A Godward Life” by John Piper, on the topic of “The American Revival of 1905”. Though the title itself seems irrelevant, yet there’s one sentence that raise my attention.

Revival is the sovereign work of God to awaken his people with fresh intensity to the truth and glory of God, the ugliness of sin, the horror of hell, the preciousness of Christ’s atoning work, the wonder of salvation by grace through faith, the urgency of holiness and witness, and the sweetness of worship with God’s people.

Have you ever attended a gathering with someone important and you realised you can’t stay long as you find it so hard to believe the host actually invited someone you were trying so hard not to meet?

In fact, the reason behind the avoidance not because of hatred, but the inability of accepting who the person is, though you’ve forgiven someone. It is more like what happened in the past where so many people got so surprised when Jesus befriended Zacchaeus, Levi and more. The inability to see that’s how this works, and inability to accept the fact that I am one of them too that makes me feel so sick.

Lesson learnt for today (though not an easy one), love is not only about forgiving, but also accepting, not others – but ourselves as a sinner.

The disabled sinner by name and righteous by faith, only in Christ alone.

Only by then, everything will turn sweet again :)