Lawatan Sambil Belajar

by kiawin

The term “Lawatan Sambil Belajar” is commonly used during my secondary school days, shamefully speaking, I managed to get through the school authority to approve Computer Society in organizing a trip to Genting in the name of “Lawatan Sambil Belajar”. For sure, we learn nothing else than it is possible to have a 3D2N trip to Genting by just paying RM60 per pax :)

The reason hu-ha in Malaysia seems to reflect this scenario, whereby a “generous” MP decided to sponsor all BN backbenchers to an oversea study trip on agriculture. Interesting it seems, doesn’t it ;)

bawi: Ajo… trip cam tu baguskan?
mawi: Tak de pak… takut nanti ACA datang ni
bawi: buat po?
mawi: mana MP tu manyak duit cam tu boleh sponsor korang ni?
bawi: *pening*

On the other hand, penangnites should host a celebration party to acknowledge the most gungho chief division of a infamous political party for saying “no to sorry” and “why sorry while chinese don’t support us anymore“. By the way, all hail to his supporters, by saying “reporters should be shot“.

mawi: pak pak… kalau korang pi nak tembak reporter ok tak?
bawi: em… orang lain cam tak boleh kut..
mawi: *pening*