Toufu Cheras

by kiawin

I loves toufu very much, but I guess Cheras folks might be a bit irritated at these toll-fulls.

I have advised the police to make sure no action or what so ever to re erect the barricade, because this is a way.. a way that is.. erm… against the very wishes of the local community.

And then.. err.. the police I told them, they were directed by the, according to the timbalan ketua polis daerah.. err.. “Soha”. He say.. err.. police were acted.. heah… on directive from.. err.. secretary general of the home ministry, who instructed the state CPO, to instruct and direct the local CPO to assist Grand Saga in erecting the barricade. Now, the police must act in wisdom, because if they… if they do that, if they assist Grand Saga in closing the road, this will leads to a serious outcry of the local community. Now, what important role, sacred heart of the police force, is to ensure public security, and peace. The closure of the road will definately leads to… high emotion.. or may possibly leads to commotion. Now, this is something that shouldn’t have happened. So the police must act in wisdom, should advice Grand Saga not to proceed the erection, and a meeting to resolve the matter between the.. the federal government.. represented by.. err.. work ministry and highway authority and the selangor state government should be held.. discussion should be held between them to resolves the problem amicably in the interest of the people.

The state government has already.. err.. announced and maintained that.. err.. the road the land, where barricade is sighted is belongs to the state government.

All parties including Grand Saga or the police or the highway authority should respect such opposition. They can seek clarification from the state government but not to proceed drastic action like what they intend to do now. – Tan Kok Wai, Cheras MP.

FRU, water canon, all ready yesterday. Jom heboh! Not in Perak, but here in Cheras :)

Enough of jokes, really… Who’s the boss actually?? I’m much irritated by watching the last part of the video clips. How do you feel if the security guard you hired chase you away from your own land? Heck.