It’s time? (1)

by kiawin

Sorry for the absent from blogsphere for quite some time. Here’s some short summary of my thoughts.

Thoughts One: Less for More
I took the past few weeks in readjusting myself, fitting myself to be more productive and creative instead of being counter-productive. I’ll blog about this next week.

Thoughts Two: A Dedication (link)
Some of you already read the dedication, it’s actually taken from my thesis. It’s an extraction from the bible on Psalms 16:8-11. This dedication was first placed in my Bachelor degree thesis, as a mark of remembrance of God’s grace. For some of you would know, I was nearly unable to graduate 4 years back when my notebook filled with my final year project was stolen. And I wrote this dedication when I completed my thesis, in time, plus a good result.

This dedication was reinsert in my master degree thesis, without much thought at first (I admit it). One worth noting is that my master degree would just like how the Israelites wander in the desert for 40 years, though you might correct me that it’s just 1 year plus for my thesis and another 8 months for my viva voce. One thing for sure, the dedication still the same. April 28 is the day, and I truly thank God I’m exiting the desert – with much excitement.

Thoughts Three: Next?
Many might ask what’s next. I’ve many in mind. And you’re right… I’ll post on this matter when I pass my viva voce, hopefully, on this coming Monday :) Just to spice things up, being materialistic and naive (though it really has nothing to do with what’s next), I really hope to reward myself with this phone. Ms. A, as I promised… this is the phone I might get when I’m officially done with my master :P slurp~

Dear friends, do uphold my viva voce in prayers :)

As I always say… can’t wait to graduate!!