March 8 (6): a response

by kiawin

A dear blog reader requested for a “personal topic”, here I am posting one – specially for you (to who ever you are, as you remain anonymous ;) )

It’s been a privilege to start reading again. Ever since I started working I find it hard to concentrate in reading. Among the few books (and magazines) that I read since Chinese New Year, I was ticked by one article titled “The Trouble with Malaysians” by Brian Yap in January’s issue of “Off The Edge”, which leads me to this interesting book titled – “New Malaysian Essays 1”.

A note, Brian Yap did a fantastic job in summarizing Malaysia, in a very witty context :)


You can grab this book from some bookstores near you. I saw some in Kinokuniya, Suria KLCC (in the NEW BOOKS section). Too bad Popular bookstore near my house didn’t carry this title :)

I supposed, hiccups did not hinder them from publishing this book :)