March 8 (1)

by kiawin

Something different from mainstream media and alternative media like Malaysiakini and Merdekareview. highlighted an item regarding people advocating religious rights during 2008 General Elections. Among few who raised their concerns, ABIM particularly caught my attention. Here’s Nobita’s 2 cents :)

1. Reject notion of Malaysia as a secular state, including the call to set up an Interfaith Council – which promotes a secular-liberal understanding of freedom of religion – and a Non-Muslims’ Affairs Department;

me think? My salutation to them, as finally someone sane enough to admit we’re still a secular state. Sadly speaking, many people nowadays “assume” Malaysia is an Islamic state JUST because Islam is the official religion in this country. It’s simply outrageous. Oh ya… you didn’t take Pengajian Am as you skipped Form 6. Even you do, maybe the word “Constitution” is still a matrix for you :)

2.Uphold the role of the Syariah Court; any legal dispute involving Islam should only come under the jurisdiction of the Syariah Court;

me think? The interpretation of the role of Syariah Court has been much disputed by many parties for the past decades, with or without mass attention. Past one year has been a circus involving many controversial conflicts between the role/authority of Syariah Court and Federal Court. How I wish one could really UPHOLD the role of Syariah Court by correctly INTERPRETING the Constitution.

3. Prosecute those who cause religious disharmony, especially by making offensive remarks against Islam, under Section 298A of the Penal Code;

me think? Vice versa, I believe. But… I doubt Giants would follow… offensive remarks have been part of their lifestyle. Can’t live without it :P

4. The Education Ministry should not give in to non-Muslims’ call to stop Islamic practices in national schools, as these practices such as reciting prayers and observing Muslim celebrations are part of Malaysian tradition and do not jeopardise inter-racial and inter-religious relations;

me think? Vice versa too, I believe. Oh wait… I thought government has done this to all missionary schools on certain “valid” grounds? Nevermind, what done is done. Hmm… interesting proposal. I supposed “Malaysian tradition” involves more than just ONE religious belief… right? Malaysia, truly Asia. Ouch ;)

5. Improve efforts to fight corruption;

me think? Wow…. Amen brother! Not so sure whether Giant will take your suggestion seriously or not though…

6. Appoint a leader from the Islamic groups to be a senator to represent the community’s interests in Parliament;

me think? Hmm… just curious… Giant not Islamic enough uh? :)

7. All parties should respect the social contract to ensure racial and religious harmony;

me think? No problem. I didn’t realised you too agree with the social contract. Oops.. wait a minute… do you meant the TAR’s original recipe, or… Giant’s hot and spicy? (Remarks: TAR is Tunku Abdul Rahman, if you choose to remember.)

8. Reject political parties and leaders who are not sensitive to the special position of Islam and promote individual rights and freedom of religion without limits, which are opposed to the moral and religious values held by most Muslims in Malaysia;

me think? In accordance with the “Malaysian tradition” spirit, maybe you can view it in a broader concept. Let’s say.. instead of just ONE, I think ALL justify your demand :) Seriously speaking, Giant wouldn’t like your suggestion.

9. Ensure that places of worship are built according to the law and take into consideration the local sensitivities;

me think? I hope so too. It’s been quite sometime (few decades still counted as some time right?) many people failed to obtain a fair share of land, financial support, or even just a mere piece of approval to build buildings for worship. You’re right. Malaysians SHOULD be sensitive (to ALL.. Oops..). Not just one sided.

10. Reject the notion of religious pluralism which claims that all religions are the same;

me think? Plu… what? I personally don’t see all religions are the same too. Your word too bombastic la :) Need Doraemon to interpret for me.

11. Reject any effort that brings confusion to Islamic doctrine, including the use of the words “Allah”, “Kaabah”, “Baitullah” and “Solat” in the non-Islamic context; and

me think? Unfortunately, confusion is never a solid reason to justify the exclusion of an language towards any context. It’s like… asking Ronald to quit from being the spoke person for McDonald just because of his costume/make-up which can be an effort in bringing confusion to Malaysian children assuming McDonald is a famous circus’ brand. Retrenchment? Cannot-lah… election soon :)

12. Strictly enforce the existing laws on religious and moral crimes.

me think? How I wish we could enforce “strictly”… unfortunately it seems it is being abused instead of being enforced. You get my point, don’t you ;)

Conclusion… be simple. No need to be a dreamer like Nobita. Just… be Malaysian-lah.