Food Review: Kedai Makan Yuen Yuen

by kiawin

This was a very old draft dated 3 December 2007. I guess it’s worth to post it up as it talks about a “delicious” heritage in Klang! ;)

It was a great morning, and CY brought me to Old Town (nearby Jalan Keretapi) for Yuen Yuen Hainan Chicken rice shop which is rather special. Apparently this shop has been around for many many years. 20? 30?

Yea… “lap lap kai fan” (Chicken rice balls)

Char siew with Hainan chicken

Wow… they’re in the hainan chicken rice king competition organized by China Press :)

(Photo courtesy of Hibiscus Realm)

* I was actually preparing a blog entry on my Christmas eve dinner, but accidently erased off. Sigh! Anyway, will update when free. Still much tied up with marking exam scripts – countless :P