Chinese New Year is once again in town, soon…

Just wonder, how will this coming CNY be? I had two interesting CNY (2006, 2007) well recorded in two separate blog entries. There’s much change to CNY this year. Wonder you noticed it or not? :) This is a blog feed from :)

Unfinished Renovation

Life renovation in the way, and expect null change on the blog template. Just plainly lazy to modify ;) On the side note, I bought a foldable desk for computing purposes. It should fix my shoulder, neck, back, elbow pain :P This is a blog feed from :)

wonders of technology

One can really be amazed with the current advancement of technology whereby anyone can easily obtain softwares to edit, voice-over clips of video and insert in any “extra” materials. One can also be amazed with the current progress of our nation whereby any such material being potrayed below can be signalled as a sign of rebellion and as […]