10 Nov (1): Pantang?

by kiawin

The man said…

“Pantang saya dicabar”

“There’s never been peaceful gathering”

“Such gathering caused traffic congestion in KL”


Being challenged is part of a normal process in the democratic system, as long as it is a challenge under the rights of constitution (of our country). Take note, I used the word CONSTITUTION instead of the word LAW. As many, including me, lost confident in it.

Pessimistic view of gathering is a lame excuse. The man’s “family” gatherings have been countless and aggressive over the years. Memory recalls of the numerous gathering in front of the US Embassy, gathering in front of Chinese Association of Selangor, KL, etc. They even burns other people’s flag. Why the man’s gathering was so-called peaceful, while the honest group of citizen who wish to have a genuine peaceful gathering was rejected?

Instead of curbing the traffic congestion caused by the rally, the police instead making every citizen’s head turned by setting up numerous road blocks and attempt in stopping the crowd marching into the city.

Such an irony.

(Picture taken without permission from JeffOoi’s website ;) )

Though the final arrangement failed in bringing to the venue, I’m fully in support of the motion of the call to revamp our electoral system. To be frank, it sucks.

Opposition I am not. I am a pure concerned citizen of Malaysia. An authentic one with no political intention.