my appeal to you

by kiawin

Dear Friends,

Maybe you’re sitting at the corner and enjoying sipping a cup of coffee, listening to a soothing jazz music, anticipating the celebration of our country’s 50th Independence day. Unfortunately, and sadly, this is a mirage of what we ought to get carried away from the reality of life – in fact, the serious issues we face in our country.

1) PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) Controversy – a project which causes much concerned of how things being done, and how non-transparent are the works being done, causing the lost of RM 3 billion (not your usual RM3 char-kuey-tiow) to no where (or some where, if you understand what i meant). Media such as theSun, Malaysiakini, Merderkareview and even Kit have been biting the government on this issue. Just type “PKFZ 4.6” in google, and you can read quite some articles regarding it.

2) Namewee Controversy – a pitiful youth being intimidated by our own beloved government, being used as an instrument (or victim to precised) to divert our own people’s attention away from greater issues, which we’re facing. It is pitiful for us as citizen of Malaysia to realised that our own beloved cabinet have the time to discuss at length of how to prosecute namewee, instead of discussing more urgent and important issues which we concern more. Just type “namewee jail”, you can read quite some articles regarding it, too.

3) Bus-es Crisis – Just a week, we have more than 3 serious bus accidents that involved death and injuries of innocent bus passenger. Instead of solving the root cause of the issue, cabinet decided to retract the license of a bus company if a serious accident occurred. Just type “Malaysia bus accident”.

4) Rawang High Tension Wire – the folks in kampung baru rawang have been intimated by TNB numerous time for the contruction of high tension wire (and so call part of the national grid). Just type “Rawang high tension”.

5) Media Silence – our beloved mainstream media have been real quiet regarding many issues happened in our country. Why? You guess it yourself.

There’s lots of on my list, but it is sufficient for me to bring out my point to you:

1) Are you aware of what’s happening in our country?
2) If yes, what’s your response?
3) If yes, what should you do?

I’m not suggesting you join a political party, neither suggesting you to go against the government. Ironically, my appeal here wasn’t meant to be political. I am only bringing forward my concern for the country to you – Can you be a concerned citizen of Malaysia?

For those who are Christian – Being a Christian, it is not as simple as living out “the life of Christ”. The reason I put quotient is because the definition for the life of Christ was never meant to be just a “good” Christian, but also to be a concerned Christian. In this case, this is what we meant by the true meaning of loving your neighbour.

Celebrating 50 years of nationhood. Can you do it? Let’s do it together, as a GOOD and CONCERNED Malaysian citizen. This is my appeal to you.