many shorts

by kiawin

shorts one I realised housekeeping signifies my decision to change, and to clean up the mess I had previously. This two days I’ve been cleaning my room. The room is now back to what it used to be, 3 months back. Clean and clear :) Yup, much satisfied :)

shorts two been addicted to crunchyroll, thanks to A. Watched back many old cantonese movies that I missed much. NTV7 and TV2 recently also been showing many retro cantonese movies done by Michael Hui and brothers. Great comedy I would say :)

shorts three team building has been a constant activity done in our new office. Amazingly, many female colleagues shown their superb hidden talent in it :)

shorts four the process of getting kampar cf up ain’t easy. but I believe God has His time on this :)

shorts five anticipating the trip to manila on the end of this month. can’t believe time really flies :)

shorts six on contrary to popular belief, I’m not moving towards political blogging. I’m just blogging what ever things that is on my mind :)

shorts seven all thanks to mega sales, finally stock up my wardrobe with what I need :)

shorts eight can’t wait for my bonus, and allowances to be released :) is there any (extra) adjustment too? :)

shorts nine viva, where art thou? soon soon I believe :)

shorts ten for the seemingly never ending wait, when will it end? :)