Sunway Lagoon (2007)

by kiawin

Being a goon, I had the opportunity to spend some time with my “anak-anak” (only a few) 2 weeks back. After a spin back from kampar, I woke up rather early to fetch them and go to Sunway.

The weather was rather cloudy, as it rained during our journey to lagoon. I still remember Jia Xuan said that God didn’t answer her prayer because she kept praying the night before so that on the day itself it will not rain. Well, in fact, God does gave us a superb weather in lagoon :)

As we arrive there, no much crowd yet. I supposed we are rather early, 11am :) We got some discount for our tickets as we booked the ticket through their online booking. It cost us RM39.90 for one Adult ticket, an extra RM5 as it was school holiday. My only comment was… blood sucker :P

no point hiding away from my camera… hehe…

the gang.

Niagara Falls.

The outcome… all wet :)

bored birdy, kids like it much.

The scary pirate ship, it was different from my previous visit. 5 years back? haha…

I really wished to try out a new game in lagoon. But nobody willing to be my partner.

The scary scene.

A check at the counter tells me it cost like RM45 per person. Superliciously expensive.

Before you pay and play the game, what happened is that you’re required to sign a letter, sort of like “i’m willing to die after this game and since i’m dead i will not sue you” ;)

Being positive, on the plus side, they do give you a certificate of participation for you to show off to your family and friends :D

After realising how much it cost, my only statement was…

over my dead body.