Food Review: Pandamaran Fried Chicken

by kiawin

Annie and Julia came over the weekend (two weeks back) to hang out as they say they want to holiday. Hah! can la… come and see me ma.. haha… anyway, I brought them to the famous Pandamaran fried chicken and Yu-yu ice (Fruity Slurpee, in a way).

Each picture tells a story. So let the picture talks…

The infamous fried chicken. Superlicious!
The best part of this fried chicken is that it is juicy and tender, just like the olden days’ Uncle Colonel’s special recipe :)

Fried Pohpiah. Not bad.

Yu-yu Ice. My all time favourite. Longan + Watermelon.

Interested? It’s just right beside SRJK (c) Pandamaran B.