Food Review: Little Vietnam

by kiawin

Today a blur sotong was in Ho-Chi-Minh mood and asked me out for lunch. Instead of going to the right place (Co Do), the sotong insisted to enter the vietnam restaurant named “Little Vietnam” underneath “Co Do” in Midvalley.

Well, is alright. We sat down and look through the menu, but i found none that spurs my interest. I supposed I wasn’t that “Ho” mood to know what to order. So instead I gave the liberty to sotong to choose what sotong wants.

We ordered two set meals, rm9.90 each. Interestingly, they give complimentary dessert (as a starter… weird though) – Vietnam ABC?

My main course, shrimp with minced meat dry noodles. Taste well with their sambals.

Side dish, I think it is a fried fish cake (I think is fish..)

Sotong’s main course, healthy fried rice. I think it doesn’t really taste that well. Since sotong complained. Oh yeah, I forgot to taste the food…

Side dish, vege + meat + peanut spring roll…

Lastly, some eggplant rolls dish. Actually, doesn’t taste that bad at all… Just that… Sotong ordered eggplant rolls instead of beef rolls.

Food so-so, but I like the wallpaper :)

Conclusion, what a sotong day (meal).

Burp~ all because of the eggplant…