an inspiring sandwich

NTV7 today reported about a guy named Mr. Sirivat. Mr. Sandwich of Thailand. Inspiring indeed. This is a blog feed from :)

Food Review: Pandamaran Fried Chicken

Annie and Julia came over the weekend (two weeks back) to hang out as they say they want to holiday. Hah! can la… come and see me ma.. haha… anyway, I brought them to the famous Pandamaran fried chicken and Yu-yu ice (Fruity Slurpee, in a way). Each picture tells a story. So let the […]

Sunway Lagoon (2007)

Being a goon, I had the opportunity to spend some time with my “anak-anak” (only a few) 2 weeks back. After a spin back from kampar, I woke up rather early to fetch them and go to Sunway. The weather was rather cloudy, as it rained during our journey to lagoon. I still remember Jia […]