Week 1: Grand UTAR tour

A quick glance of UTAR Kampar campus. It’s unbelievably be-a-u-tiful! Block B, (temporary) Lecture room, tutorial room and computer labs. Block A from staff car park. Block A, back. Block A, inner entrance. Bamboo garden. Loooong pillars. Sister campus, KTAR Kampar. It’s either out of the place, or it’s a piece of art. Moderno. another […]

Food Review: D’Kafe

Up in Kampar, unfamiliar with the new environment, but we have good colleagues here. The foundation office admins and L, future ehem… being very hospitable during our 1st week in Kampar. D’Kafe is M and L’s recommended cafe for lunch. A cup of lemon juice quench my thirst. First week of the semester always kills […]


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