Food Review: Yong Teng Cafe

by kiawin

Yup! Food never leave my (our) mind. Last (last last) Tuesday (Labour Day 2007) we went up to Cameron for site survey, as we’re running a 4-day youth camp in Ringlet, Cameron. We stopped by Tanah Rata for the infamous pancake stall ran by one aged couple.

the “cafe”.

the uncle.

the menu, blurred.

The cafe has been relocated from the food court nearby the old bus station set up by local municipal council two years back. The local municipal council decided to demolish the area and rebuild a larger (and doesn’t really make sense) bus station in the busy and crowded one and only main street in Tanah Rata town. The relocation exercise have forced them to a newly set up stall (not so good ones) at the back of the street. But I believe people never stop coming as even first timers like my friends are lured by the yummy ice cream pancakes and steaming hot cup of boh tea. They wanted to come back again next time :)

Banana pancake with vanilla ice-cream topping.

Pineapple pancake with vanilla ice-cream topping.

delicious cheese toast, simple yet elegant.

Unforgettable hot steaming boh tea.

If you ask me what should you order, my recommendation is the cheese toast. It is true that cheese toast is simple and you can have it at home. However, the combination of cheese toast with a cup of hot tea with the accompanied cameron weather make lots of difference in taste and pleasure.

Not to exaggerate, eventhough this was three weeks back, I still can vividly recall the delicate meal I had here.

On a note, the pancakes are nice, just that I’m not a pancake person. If you have a chance to visit this place, please try it out too :)

Now… a series of food eater for your pleasure.


Wong Kar-Wai style photography

Hey, watch out!


I’m not hungry… (kononnya… lakon aje)

Burp~ ;)

To be continued.

Wait wait wait… where is it? Tell u soon.