This Chinese New Year 2007

by kiawin

Browsing through my old achieve of blog entries, and realized how much fun i blogged about my previous Chinese New Year. Hmm… I should blog this year too.

Monday, February 12:
Chinese New Year “holiday” came early this year, Kong and I visited IKEA Mutiara Damansara. I was planning to grab some photo frames for my room, but realized there are only cheap rectangle photo frames, but not square. After the fruitless window shopping, Wesley and Audrey joined us for a meal in Maché, The Curve.

Tuesday, February 13:
Funnily, again we head towards for IKEA in the morning, but this time with a mission-lah ;) Four of us, Chris, Audrey, Kong and I hunt for Staff “Lou Zang” Lucky draw gifts. Best part of all, we bought red-colored toilet brush, red-colored waste paper bin, pussy willow etc. At night, we had our staff “Lou Zang” at New Paris, SS2. It was fabolous. For more details of the dinner, you may read my previous blog entry.

Friday, February 16:
Left to work late, and back at home around 5pm. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t work that long. In fact, eggy and I visited The Curve in the morning over a meal and were looking for some clothes (read the blog entry here). When I reached home, for the first time in (maybe) two months, I washed my lovely iswara. Super-dirty. I still remember my uncle from Australia, after saw the after-look of my car, told me that the wash does make a very obvious difference. Hah! After the tiresome of washing a car, I get myself wash up and grab a quick bite before I go to church for worship practice. Surprisingly, my worship was canceled, just right before I leave my house. Slept at 1am in the morning. Wonder why.

Saturday, February 17:
It’s the 30th morning (according to Chinese Lunar Calendar), woke up early for worship practice. It feel great on a Saturday morning whereby you don’t need to sign-in – at the expense of an one-day leave. After back from practice, laze around until I was asked to help out in the frying process of “Chi Ku”, a type of fruit/veg. Sour-plum water helps much :) My family and I depart for reunion dinner in Section 16, PJ around 6.30pm. This year, we met at my 3rd uncle house. Had a superlicious dinner and fantastic chat with cousins. Slept at 1am.

Sunday, February 18:
1st day of CNY, and got to wake up early – because I was the interpreter for worship today. Funnily, I was the interpreter too for the last CNY (check here). After church service, I back at home for lunch, and laze around until afternoon whereby my family and I visit my uncles and aunties in Subang. It is memorable especially the late night Phase 10 game which I guess all of us enjoyed much. Slept at 3am. Wonder why…

Monday, February 19:
Woke up late today, and visited Bee Kim’s house for Form 5 reunion. Met many friends whom previously “lost-touch” for some time :) At night, instead of fixing my thesis, I had an impulse to change the design of my blog. Took a considerable time until I didn’t sleep for the entire night. I wonder why…

Tuesday, February 20:
Without sleep, I left from house at 8am heading towards Bukit Badak KTM Station. I am meeting up with my colleagues in Kepong. The commuter arrived shortly after I reach the station. I quickly run for the ticket vending machine, with hope that I can hop in the commuter in time. For unknown reason, the machine refuse to take in my RM10 note. Hopelessly, I turn around, and I saw a touch and go sensor. So quickly I go and touch the sensor with my wallet (the card is in it), and run to the commuter. As I was in the commuter, I wonder why the screen of the touch and go sensor display the word “penalty”. Then I suddenly realised, I touched the wrong sensor – the one I did was an exit sensor. Hopelessly, I was thinking of a way to solve my problem, because I can’t really exit at Kepong without paying another round of penalty. At that moment, I was thinking, should I exit a station before Kepong just to grab a ticket and then board on another commuter to Kepong. Audrey to the rescue, called me, and told me something I never knew – I didn’t know most of the KTM station have exits whereby there’s no barrier. Hence, you can just leave the station without any ticket. As a conclusion, I did as “instructed” by her. Audrey picked me up somewhere nearby the station, and we head towards Vimala’s house. I had a nice breakfast of curry chicken with putumayam. Delicious! Unfortunately I forgotten to snap the food la ;) After that, we proceed to Chris’ aunty house and learn to play some mahjong game which is similar to Phase 10. (What I did in Kepong?)

Reached home about 5pm, picked up by Dad in Bukit Badak Station. Few hours later, I joined the form 6 gang. Finally, we have met – Eng Seng, Kok Seng, Wei Ling, and Kooi Lian. It’s good to meet all of them, as we shares much experience together during and after form 6. We first gathered in Kooi Lian’s house. Their plan was, play 21. The cool part is, aunty joined them. Haha… The spectacular spectator, me, enjoyed seeing all the jokes that we had during the game. We then later moved on to my house, and updates everybody of what happened during the one year, and I’m glad to hear all of us enjoyed what we’re doing :) My fatigue gave me up at 2am and I slept.

More updates, whenever I’m free to do so. Much to share, a time to share.