A New Refreshing Look

I need more sleep… because it took me entire day to fix the javascripts, but well.. now i learnt something :) I’ll add back the shout box when I’m free. Time to leave for Kepong… will update ;) This is a blog feed from kiawin.com :)

Chinese New Year 2007

Watch out! It’s coming soon ;) This is a blog feed from kiawin.com :)

Food Review: Sakae Sushi

I think I’m affectionate about mutiara damansara, since I was there 4 times over the entire week. Haha… Last friday I made a spontaneous call in the morning to eggy, and we head to Sakae Sushi, The Curve to have our brunch. Since this is my second time visit to Sakae Sushi, I suppose I […]