A Christmas You Never Knew

It’s been a long long time since the last time i blogged here. Though it’s been a very difficult period of my life, I believe sharing is not only about the ups of my life, but also the downs of my life. The past few weeks is just like a trip in the rocky mountain […]

B . U . S . Y

B . U . S . Y Busy Until Someone Yells ——————— An oldies, by beyond. Heard by coincidence.Retro back the era of beyond :) 一厢情愿词黄贯中.曲黄贯中.主唱黄贯中. 知否我们的一切依然留着没变给我多点幻想仿佛你就在身边我以为我可以糊涂的过已经学会怎样面对寂寞为你牺牲也是无怨无悔自我陶醉可把你挽回你们在旁边走过我只能够沉默终于明白你为何对我如此的冷漠一厢情愿我爱得好疲倦我们从前的承诺被时间冲得散落一厢情愿你离我愈来愈远不再去问为什么不在乎没有结果 This is a blog feed from kiawin.com :)