Week 2 (20): Busy

by kiawin

It’s been a busy week, till i totally forgotten to blog about it ;)

Instead of jumping straight to week 3, I wish to jot down several things so that as I read back, I will see how God has been leading over this week.

I was very worried and disturbed by the fact that I need to find a colleague to replace my classes on 23rd (October, Monday) as I need to take leave to go for my church’s family camp. My very first worry is not to pressure any of my colleague to replace my classes, as many of them plan to go back their hometown, as they have no classes on monday. At the same time, while looking for potential colleague to help me replace my classes, I need to be very wise in my speech as I don’t want them to feel that I’m pressurizing them. Partially it is owing to my position as an unit leader, no particular authority over them, but yet it could be a threatening situation if I mistakenly brought out the wrong message to them. Another part was because I’ve a lot of new colleagues working in the same unit, and I need to be very careful in bringing myself out without giving them a bad impression of using any force to make them replace my classes.

There’s another available option for me, where I can choose to go only on the second day of the camp (24th Oct). But I hesistated as I’m the person in charged for all the miscellaneous throughout the whole event, and I can’t just leave my responsibility behind unattended, and yet I can’t ignore my responsibility here in my workplace. It was a very difficult decision I’ve to make.

There’s no news from the HR department over the past two weeks, as they have announced twice (unofficially) that no holiday on monday, and our HOD has asked us not to apply for leave if we have classes on that day. It is a pressurizing moment then. I was brain-stucked, and my only hope is to wait for God to intervene such situation and show me the best way to resolve such incident. I chose not to tell anyone about my possible absent from duty as there’s no way should I create a commotion among them (only a few knows about this). I chose to stay low in asking my colleagues to replace my classes in a very polite manner, which returns no result. The only decision and action taken is to pray about it…

It is until Thursday that I was informed all classes on Monday will be postponed, and I practically jumped and thank God, and despite of all things that held me back, I thank God He has been a very gracious and merciful God who resolves this issue for me.

Thursday is a day whereby I got to start work on the name tags for the camp. And unexpectedly it took me 5 hours merely just to type (cut and paste actually) and print out the names for all the attendee. Amazingly, there’s 311 of them. The reason behind such lag is because of the character conversion issue from BIG5 to GB, which I have to retype names, or search it from the dictionary if I don’t know its han yu pin yin. I thank God that the latter part of the task was easy, as Mei Fang and Shi Yun helped me to laminate all these cards take took just merely an hour and a half, and I can return home to have my only meal on that day.

Friday, I had the help from many youth to assist me in attaching up the tiny ropes onto the name tags, and I believe without their assistance, I would be practically crying at home working on it for endless hours. Haha…

The last saga is on sunday nite, whereby a car load of friends came over to help me sort out all name tags according to their room and put it in labelled envelopes.

Endless thanks to God and all brothers and sisters in Christ who helped along the way.

(It took me little time in typing this out, and if time allows I would update it in a more appropriate manner :) )