Food Review: Marco’s Pizza

by kiawin

It’s out of the blue that I visited Marco’s on a beautiful afternoon. Marco’s is an italian restaurant which is very noticible from the LDP just right opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station, S25. From google I see some positive review from NST Good Bites :)

Everything starts with a nice rosemary chicken salad, which start up our engine (stomach) before moving onwards to another course….

Funnily, instead of the spaghetti which I ordered earlier on, I was served with macaroni, ala Penne Royale.

Lastly, a nice Macro’s pizza that is stuff with turky ham, plum tomato sauce and plentiful of mozarella (cheese).

Indeed, this trip makes me fatter, larger :P

1. My colleague told me that macaroni and penne are two different creature…. which i agree right after a google away ;)
2. People was asking, whether it is worth the trip to dine in this place… My recommendation is… once a 3-6 months is ok, but not more unless you have a deep pocket ;)
3. I was informed that Italianese is having a eat-all-you-can pasta each Wednesday for RM19.90++, a wide selection of topping and pasta. Rather interesting, if you craze over pasta :) slurp~