Week 15 & 16: Reflection

by kiawin

It’s been a while I wanted to write something here, and yet nothing was written.

Nevertheless, after a series of events for these two weeks, I finally come into a conclusion.

I want to thank God for all things He has given unto me, and for all things He have led me through.

Shi Yong’s song presentation in choir yesterday reminded me of the song, which was chosen to be the background music of IK Christmas Nite 2003 (yes, amazingly, it was three years back), whereby it was used to portray how Christ sacrifice himself for the sake of all mankind.

Exam week now, and another week to go. Hopefully everything will go well this week ;)

Had a wonderful birthday celebration, and got a real interesting album… though it’s planet shakers… wahahahaha….

More updates soon, regarding the numerous things i’m involved at this moment, in Klang, PJ and more :)


Agape youth had a chance to watch Joyoux Noel, I find it very meaningful.

Things I ponder ’bout life,
Time always ticks, life shall move on no matter you like it or not.
Why an answer is needed at such time? Maybe, it is time? I’m unsure too.

Joanne visited Klang, brought her to a disappointing bahkuteh lunch, and watched a super lame movie call DOA: Dead or Alive. Watch only if you’re interested with 5 superlicious babes showing off their flesh (or… body, bikinis etc.) instead of the storyline of the movie. I salute the malaysian film board as unbelievably they rate this movie as U. I’m sure certain kids will be thankful to them ;)