Makan: Star Pisces, Tmn Eng Ann

by kiawin

Shopping in Pustaka Sufes makes me hungry…

Today is good, not that productive, but, better than yesterday. I’m able to grab some interesting material for Agape teens, a nice book published by FES HK, Encounter with God, and Kairos’ magazine.

Makan? Yes, I had my lunch in Star Pisces, a restaurant (which at night supposed to have somebody singing there…) in Taman Eng Ann, Klang. Rather, jiet (translation: worthy) – as someone noted, strongly ;)

(this is why someone noted it to be affordable)

(I ordered Black Pepper Chicken “Rice”)

(The one who brought me there ordered Honey Fish Fillet “Rice”)

(This happy meal comes with a free cup of jasmine tea, or coke. Not Heikenen though…)

(Interesting Deco…)

(Another one… Some latern)

My black pepper chicken “rice” was spicy, and the scrambled eggs and vege is ok-ok-lah. Maybe the chief should try not to fry the eggs along with the egg shell next time.

For a RM4.90++ Happy Meal in an ambient environment, ok-lah… Servings were acceptably large and the restaurant itself is good to lepak, and skip your work.

At the least, I don’t mind going there again. Maybe Sunday we should go there instead la. No more Klang Parade uh ;)

… but I supposed traffic is a mess in Tmn Eng Ann on sundays.