Gospel of Judas (1)

by kiawin

After all the hype people talked about the National geographies “The Judas Gospel”, I guess ChristianTimes HK gives a very good overview of the whole episode.

一卷據稱有一千七百年歷史、名為《猶大福音》(The Gospel of Judas)的埃及古籍,可能為蒙上「賣主」污名二千年的猶大「平反」。



(Lost for nearly 1,700 years, a crumbling papyrus manuscript presents the most hated man in history in a new light. NG specially made a documentary for “The Gospel of Judas”, describe the process of restoration and translation of the manuscript, and also the main content of the manuscript: Jesus’ most loved disciple was actually Judas Iscariot, as he is the disciple who knows Jesus well most, and hence Jesus even asked Judas to betray him, so that he can fulfil his mission on earth. The viewpoint of “The Gospel of Judas” is basically turning the traitor by Christianity for nearly 2000 years into Jesus’ hero.

The scholar pointed, “The Gospel of Judas” records the oppression against the early churches by the Roman government, and also records the history of the wide spread of the gospel. The scholar believes that this manuscript was written when the teachings of Christianity meets Gnoticism, and the local Egyptians try to understands the relationship between Jesus and his disciples from the aspect of Gnoticism.)

So you wonder what’s on my mind? My conclusion was simple,

History opens up a person’s eyes to understand something of the past.

History can also blinds a person if a person just read bit and pieces of the history, selectively.

May God bless and gives wisdom to those who reads and face difficult times in explaining the relation between “The Gospel of Judas” with our belief.