Are they nuts?

by kiawin

Snipped from Sinchew-i,




據悉,目前有多州的地方政府已制定禁止公眾在公園/公共場所行為不檢的條例,包括吉隆坡市政局、彭亨、吉打、霹靂及森美蘭等。 (星洲互動‧2006/04/11)

The endless discussion upon the same issue over and over again. Government again and again assures the people that such law is unlawful, towards non-muslim. Who should we believe now?

The text above mentioned about our dear Datuk Seri Nazri that thinks Malaysian non-muslim cannot accepts people who are not husband-wife or brother-sister to hold hands and hugs publicly. He moved on to justify by saying “This is something our eastern soceity cannot accept”.

What do you think? Is our Malaysian non-muslim really that conservative? Or, Nazri is acting like a pinochio.

I hate to say this, but, first class infrastructure, third class mentality.

At the least, don’t stuck your own sentence to other people’s mouth.