Real Fish? Fake Fish?

by kiawin

Jeff Ooi mentioned in Fuel price hikes & changing lifestyles… regarding a phising website ( reported by TV Smith.

Coincidently, I came across several complaints regarding when I browsing through our local newspaper websites.

1. Sin Chew Blog: 政府應善用公共意見回饋網站
2. theStar Citizen Blog: I can’t have my say if you shut my mouth
3. theStar Citizen Blog: PUBLIC OPINION POLL

I’m perplexed though, as everyone complained about the functionality of the site, and not of its validity.

After a search in theStar’s News section, this news article appeared to be trustable…?

So.. is a phising site, or a valid site setup by our dearest government?

Side Note: TV Smith’s version of Public Poll.