I’m Speechless

by kiawin

Excited, Perplexed, Trembling in fear.

That’s my feeling when I received the email from the review committee of ICOST 2006. It supposed to be a comfort to me, as it gives a sense of hope and recognition of my research. But some how the feeling I have now is the total opposite :P

On my way back from 1 Utama, after the show, I told God that may Him take charge of the situation, and prayed that the review committee will be merciful to me as they reject my paper, with good comments. Nevertheless, God is in control and He gave me more than what I expected it to be. Hallelujah!

For now, I need to concentrate in finish up my thesis. It’s time, let’s finish it! ;)

Side note: Hopefully no one accidently bumped into this entry by googling “ICOST 2006”. Malu-lah :P