This Chinese New Year – 2006

This Chinese New Year is interesting. I guess I finally learn how to distribute time rather “wisely” this time. 28th, Thursday:Watched Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) with Ivan, Angelynn and Seng Ann. Had a late shopping in Pyramid and succesfully grab a t-shirt, polo-t and cargo pants each. Wallet bocor. 29th, Friday:Was late for worship practise […]

Movie Report (2)

3. ShopaholicUntil now, I still fail to know the real pronunciation of this word “shopaholic”. With my limited command of England.. I mean.. English, I guess it’s shop-a-ho-lic. Anyway, this movie is rather original, in terms of story line and the actors lineup is great. I recommend this movie as THE Chinese New Year movie […]