Updates for "Confused, Me or You?"

by kiawin

Rather interesting…

Previously, as I mentioned in my old september entry, Presbyterian Church (of Malaysia, officially known as Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia, GPM) is listed as NECF member church. At that time (or even now), I did not know of any affiliation between GPM and NECF.

However, they have made amendment to the page by changing the listing by stating “Others – Individual Churches from Mainline Denominations:Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.”.

I wonder, is this by coincidence of what? :)

UPDATE: It seems… NECF did response to my queries regarding an article for their Ministers Appreciation Month. They removed the reference of the original article (much later, as I remember I did check several times at least for a month with no changes made to the article). In respect to their effort, I would be curious removing the reference is sufficient to solve the matter I raised? I wonder :)