Movie Report

by kiawin

My (chinese) new year resolution is to watch more movies. So.. here’s some quick glimpse of what I’ve watched for this new year.

1. Fearless
Good movie with usual Jet Li real kungfu flicks, touching story and embedded with many buddhist ideology. Worth watching though. Not your usual CNY movie as people dies, and the movie tend to make you cry. Don’t expect the movie to entertain you like those Wong-Jing style comedy. You’ll be disappointed.

2. Syriana
A deep, intelligent movie (that’s how my cousins classify it). Yet, it’s more like a Wong-Ka-Wai style movie. Trying to put 3 pieces of story together into 1 movie. Nevertheless, if you are “sensitive” enough, you might be able to put everything into one piece. Basically the movie itself is trying to bring out the uglier side of American government that fights for own good by sacrificing others. For instance, Prince Nasir was killed. In addition, the little johnny practically jihad himself as the result of selfish Americans (though I do not support the act of jihad). I didn’t mention the plot, as what I bla-out is what I understood from the movie itself, and you’re welcome to give some feedback :)

more to come…