The Craze Continues..

by kiawin

After learning many new terms like AF Illuminator, Manual Focus Ring, etc.. I realised those mambo-jumbo telephoto lens and wide angle lens will cost a fortune (not really la.. just that for me it is). Thus alternate option should come in, and here’s the verdict after checking through Canon S2 IS, Konica Minolta Z5, Panasonic FZ5, FZ20, FZ30… and the winner is…. *drum rolls*

1. Panasonic FZ20 (RM2k)

2. Panasonic FZ30 (unknown price)

So.. what’s the major difference between both? FZ30 has a non-extending lens, thus increase startup speed… Clearer LCD… Most interesting of all, FZ30 has manual focus and zoom ring. Yup… just like those SLR monster.

So.. Time to keep money :P

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