by kiawin

Here’s some stuff I’m working now…

  1. Research: Touch up some left-overs of my research project. Basically adding another window for the axis. Need another computer.. wonder where I can get it from.
  2. Thesis: Write thesis, 2 weeks dateline for me. Really hope to finish this.
  3. MyOSS Article: yet to write, but already have some rough ideas, and will plagarise from my own thesis. haha..
  4. Study: Supposed to have a test on 10th, but well.. I guess I will make it 12th instead.
  5. Uncle Alan’s Wedding Flash presentation: yes.. working on now..
  6. Some part time design: yes.. i know the dateline
  7. Barcode scanner java program: forever pending… but making a point not exceeding Christmas ;) or did I meant next Christmas? I wonder.. Will continue only after my completion of my master studies.
  8. Write a card to Peace Charis: So easy, yet so difficult… I bought the card like 3 months already… maybe it’s time to pen it.
  9. Own pet PHP project: done hook.. still thinking about implementing adodb-lite, or just my own small db class? Will continue only after my completion of my master studies.
  10. Books: Plentiful of nice books to read. Emphasize on the “nice”.
  11. Forum Keh-poh: been active in few forums, might take a holiday. since overly busy.. and formers seems just have the time to reply as quickly as I do ;) one word. never-ending.
  12. SIG: hope to start a special interest group (or special topic in mandarin) in church. hope this will work.
  13. Agape Youth: weekly ritual to prepare material for my group of dear youth (those rascal.. err.. haha), never easy.

that’s all folks.. hope I didn’t miss anything, and don’t chase after me if there’s anything I left out here.