Darurat… Now that’s what we call experience of the lifetime

by kiawin

This is what I got from thestar SMS alert.

11/8 Govt depts, offices, factories, farms etc2 in P.Klang and K.Selangor to be closed, clinics and outlets selling food and basic items to remain open/STAR

Synically, this is what I told my brother over germany through Yahoo! Messenger..

kiawin: yup
kiawin: we’re in emergency now
kiawin: officially
kiawin: since not everyone goes through darurat in their life
kiawin: i guess this is a one-time experience?

Hopefully, it’s really a one-time experience. Not a yearly event.

Do take note this state of emergency does not include curfew or any change of government administration. So don’t expect you’re back in those communist days la ;)

11/8 Emergency declaration in Kuala S’gor and P.Klang does not involve imposition of curfew, nor any change in govt administration, says PM’s Dept/STAR

Frankly, I have a question in mind, why they only set the parameter only at Kuala Selangor and Port Klang? I stayed in southern part of Klang, I doubt the API here has any much difference over Port Klang, since it’s just merely 10km apart.

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