Say Konica!

by kiawin

The latest addition to my list of gadgets. Yes, it is from fotokem sungai wang.

Konica Minolta Dimage X31, a phasing out unit selling at an affordable price. 3MP, with a non-protruding lens. Zooming maximum at 3x. Small and easy to carry. Not forgetting the accompanied carry case seems very useful too ;) Posted by Hello

It cost me RM499, and I have added an additional 2-year warranty for just merely an additional of RM35. This means, my camera has a total of 3 years warranty. You might think I am over worried about my camera, but I am sure you don’t want to fork out extra bucks (astronomical prices) when your camera stop working rite? ;) Here’s the box I received. Posted by Hello

You can see all the things that was with the camera here. Posted by Hello

I personally was rather happy with the camera, as it uses SD card, which is cheap (very cheap) nowadays. I’ve bought a Kingston Highspeed 512MB SD Card for just RM180. In addition, it uses AA batteries. Yeah, NiMH!! ;) With the price, specs and form factor, it’s worth the bucks la :P