Are you… sepet?

by kiawin

I actually gave up on writing this post, as I was “busy” playing around with my new IBM ThinkPad X40 ;) Nevertheless, after reading the review by our local blogger TV Smith, I felt I should voice my support over this production too. Why?

I came across knowing this film through Petaling Street Project, where some bloggers over there showed their support for this Malaysian made movie.

The first impression ain’t that good, as I thought it was a simplistic piece of another Malaysian-made movie. Yet, as I continue read on, I realised Yasmin, the director of Sepet is the infamous Petronas advertisement director that won numerous Kancil Award for Leo Burnett. I was intrigued to find out more about this movie and at the end, I made a decision to watch this movie. The problem is, who to watch with? I have no friend who’s interested to watch any Malaysian production. They would probably mock at my intrinsic suggestion to watch Sepet.

Nevertheless, I had this one time opportunity to watch this movie in TGV KLCC. The show was… amazing. I didn’t realised, how talented was all the people behind this film. The story line was… excellent. It all started with a VCD peddler, yes.. a poetic ones. He seems to be fond of reciting Indian poetry to his nyonya mom. Then comes a lovely Orked, yes… it means the flower Orchid. Not only so, with the funny yet interesting trio of Harith Iskandar, Ida Nerina and Adibah Noor – It’s interesting. Seriously, I enjoyed throughout the whole show, just like how I enjoyed the Singaporean production – “I’m Not Stupid” by Jack Neo. Maybe I’m biased, but I’m a person who likes to see film makers reflecting our lives, and not imitating westerners.

This is the first Malaysian production, that really touch my heart. I regretted of not paying for the ticket (as I was given a free ticket coupon courtesy of Ms. Yam). I will rate this movie as “Must Watch”, and please do watch. There’s many TGV that is still showing the movie. And please, no bittorrent on this movie ;) I did actually came across one from mininova. One with a sane mind with realise how much effort the director, Yasmin has tried numerous attempt in bringing out many important elements of being a Malaysian. Watch, and reflect how Malaysian we are ;) Most important of all, do we have love?

One question I do really want to post to the production, is that when is the VCD/DVD is rolling out? I would be one of those who will be waiting in front of Speedy, and not pasar malam ;)

For those who’s hated/against/mocked/devalued this film… indeed, you all are just acting like a bunch of ‘goblok’s (courtesy of Yasmin ;P)

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