Dreaded Move

by kiawin

8.00pm, yesterday – I knew it all the while that it is a bad idea to tamper with your computer before completing a project. But I still fail to comply to this ultimate law of computing. It started with my dear computer fail to connect to my home’s LAN, and I first thought it was some iptables issue.

10.00pm, yesterday – I decided to reinstall the ancient Fedora Core 1 to 3 as I thought this would solve my problem. So I make a big hu-ha by plugging out my backup harddisk from my server and plug it into my computer. Not forget to mention, it tooks years to backup my 20GB of TVB drama ;)

12.00am, today – After the hassle of opening up both computer casings and skipping all the technical details of it, I finally started install FC3 and waited for some time before it complete installed.

1.00am, today – Computer restarted, tested the ethernet connection – failed. Concluded that the piece of ancient Planet fast ethernet start to fail on me. Noted in my brain that by morning I need to buy a new piece of ethernet card.

2.00am, today – moving the project into the right place, run it, and realise the perculiar “mysql-server” package wasn’t installed. Reluctantly, took out the CD and make way to install that missing package. Then, this deadly message appeared – “Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql (13).”

3.00am, today – After an effortless search on google, seeing that it was 3am in the morning, I concluded that this is a missing link caused by the “mysql-server” package which I post-installed, and decided to sleep. That was yesterday (in a way).


10.00am, today – Woke up, sick – the dust and air-con plays a major role in turning me into a non-stop flowing water pipe (in simpler terms, running nose). Reluctantly took out the CDs and reinstalled my FC3. This time I told myself repeatedly not forgetting to include the killer package named “mysql-server”. After an hour, happy that all goes well, repeat the whole procedure to put everything into the right place, load up my project and check.

11.00am, today – The deadly message appeared, again. “Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql (13).” Got even more sick.

12.00pm, today – Went out to buy the network card, a D-Link that costs me RM28 (PC Nova of Tesco Klang). Then went into Apex and requested for “Clarinese”, which was recommended by the future-to-be pharmacist. Apparently, the pharmacist working in Apex only start his/her work on 4.30pm. Nevertheless, the kind cashier showed me the “Clarinese” on the shelf, but just that I can’t buy it.

12.30pm, today – Drop by Guardian Bukit Tinggi, opened only on 2pm.

12.45pm, today – Check out a pharmacy in Bayu Perdana and bought “Clarinese” for RM12, and return home.

1.00pm, today – Fix the new network card, and test it. It works ;)

4.00pm, today – Taking a long, sad and painful search on google with regards of this non-sense error, and realised only after hours that it was a SELinux (solution here) security issue. And put myself on the hall of lame for reinstall my whole fedora for obnoxious reasons.

5.00pm, today – Updating fedora, and installing all the 3rd party softwares like flash, realplayer and java.

6.00pm, today – Restart computer and test my project, it works.. finally ;)

7.00pm, today – Realised I need to input chinese software, therefore search for SCIM, and download all the required source files (as rpm not available).

8.00pm, today – Dreaded SCIM smart input (scim-chinese) keep requesting for the pkg-config which I already installed and set the proper path, yet no prevail.

8.30pm, today – Activated IIIMF in my gnome and running it successfully (solution here). Finally, I can do chinese input in an English FC3 environment ;)

8.58pm, now – Posted this entry.