Malaysian Driving Attitude

by kiawin

Personally I dislike criticizing people, but after reading TV Smith’s Gold for Eigth, I just can’t forget many “friendly” encounters I met on Malaysian roads.

Recent years there’s been sign of emergence of many characters shown on the road, which should be part of our glorious rich culture and can be considered to be listed as teaching material in our successful teaching topic of “Pendidikan Moral”.

1. “Efficient”

Many unsatisfied Malaysian driver towards PWD (a.k.a. JKR) on their road construction, Malaysian try to modify the width of the road by squeezing their cars by making a 2-lane road become a 4-lane road, by taking over 4-th lane (emergency lane) or any lane that does not goes with the same direction.

2. “Recycle”

For the cause of saving the natural resources, adhering to Government’s call to “Recycle, that what you do, Recycle…”, Malaysian drivers decided to utilize the under utilized 2-lane wide road leads to Kerinchi Link from KL nearby Midvalley, by redirecting traffic towards Federal highway (KL-PJ). Creating a 5-lane to 3-lane bottleneck, which should be listed as a Malaysian Book of Records.

3. “Blind”

For many people ignorantly look down at physical incomplete people, some Malaysian thinks that is wrong. Yes! Many Malaysian drivers took the call by acting blind, by halting their cars on yellow boxes, which were meant to be “no stopping zone”. Nevertheless, the common response is – “Eh? What yellow-box?”. Such Support-The-Blind drive has been extremely successful, and should be listed as part of the Malaysian Book of Record.

4. “Fish-monger”

Owing to the recent raise of fish prices, many Malaysian decided to cut cost by “sell-fish”. You will be seeing many drivers on the top using their horn to force people to cross a junction or even to ignore red traffic light which indicates stop.

5. “Cut-cost”

In the spirit of cutting cost, reduce budget and spent wisely, some Malaysian drivers decided to save on their battery maintenance through reduce the number of use on their signal lights. No more signal indication will be given to all road users.

6. “Caring”

Malaysian are famous for hospitable and caring people. Some drivers really took pity of those emergency patient found rushing to hospital in an ambulance. They would follow closely behind the ambulance right after the ambulance passes them.

7. “Multi-tasking”

Malaysian drivers tend to do many things while they are on the road. Maybe this is the side effect of using Microsoft Windows. Other than talking on the phone, sms and icq on road, many tends to have a quick meal over the wheels too. Not only “curing” their stomach, they always been caring enough to fertilize the road by throwing out their left overs out of their windows.

There’s more, but enough to say. For those who are not behaving on road, I do look down on you. Silly you, causing many inconvenience to other road users. For those who think they did nothing wrong, please don’t act righteous. Silly you, stop dreaming.

For those who does behave on the road, I respect you and there will be a better future for us Malaysian, hopefully.