3R Needs You! (again)

by kiawin

From Joanna Lee,

“Hi everyone, I’m stuck with 2 episodes of 3R which cannot be completed as we’re still missing profiles for the show!! 3R is a TV program that seeks to empower young women by providing youths with a different perspective. We are on air every Sunday on TV3 at 7.30pm and o AstroRia on Fridays at 8.00pm.”

Ep: Dating My Best Friend’s Ex

Looking for someone who dated her friend’s ex-boyfriend and are no longer friends with her friend. Currently, can be either still dating or broken up.

Ep: Dealing with Grief

Profile No. 1:

Someone who lost their mom/dad/boyfriend/girlfriend/close friend

Looking for a male & female profile to share about how they got over the death of their mom/dad/boyfriend/girlfriend/close friend and how they coped with grief at that time.

Profile No. 2:

Someone who had an unpleasant meeting/encounter with a friend/family but did not get to make amends as thier friend/family passed away.

Looking for female profile who would be willing to share about how she dealt with the guilt/regret and how she let go and moved on.

Would appreciate if you could help me by circulating this email to your friends and family. They can contact me at 79553345 or email joanna (at) red (dot) com (dot) my if they fit the profile and want to share their story!