Fly Away – F.I.R.

清晨的微风 如此的平凡 看似简单 雾气驱散 温柔阳光中 慢慢醒了过来 准备面对挑战 在新的世纪 该抛开过去 是好是坏 要放得开 往梦想的路 没有想像简单 我还要更勇敢 回忆就像漩涡 它将我拉走 时间的钟响起 我不该逗留 Fly away 不管流下多少眼泪 坚持下去的动力还在 Nothing I will be afraid Fly away 不管未来有多困难 我仍然能感觉 心跳还在 Nothing I will be afraid 词曲:作词:F.I.R. 作曲:F.I.R. 编曲:黄汉青(F.I.R.)/奥斯卡 This is a blog feed from :)

If We are the Body – Casting Crows

Casting Crowns – If We Are The Body From the album Casting Crowns Lyrics may not be reproduced without permission from the publisher. Listened on the Positive & Encouraging K-LOVE. It’s crowded in worship today As she slips in trying to fade into the faces The girls teasing laughter is carrying farther than they know […]